I have been working in, and servicing the Industrial Electric Motor Industry for over 4 decades.        Starting in 1973 and completing a 4 year Journeyman Armature Winder Apprenticeship, the stage was then set for a lifetime of dedication to the craft.   Today I  devote tmyself to the sharing of this acquired knowledge thru Educational Classes and Field  Troubleshooting.


Classroom Training Covering:

     -  Magnetism Basics, Flux density and the role it plays in the Commutation Process --      - 

    -  Direct Current Motor Theory, Operation, Connections, Series/Shunt/Compound

     -  Compound Motor - Cumulative and Differential Compounding explained in Detail

     -  The Negative Effects of Field Weakening, Black Band Testing explained

     -  Polarization Effects on not only A/C Synchronous Motors but D/C as well

     -  Brushholders and Springs, proper settings, Spring Forces versus PSI

     -  Basic Testing for Neutral (A/C Method, Dynamic Testing and Dyne testing)

     -  Basic Maintenance Practices

     -  For Motor Repair Shops - A specialized modified class to cover shop proceedures

     -  Reading the Commutator surface, Understanding what it is telling you

     -  Cooling Fans and Blowers

Site Evaluations and Consulting upon request......

Contact me should you have any questions or comments.            Cell 219-314-1054       Schererville, Indiana